Student Association

IPCAs Students Association (AEIPCA)  participates in all matters that are related to the students, namely general or education policies. In addition, the Association tries to strengthen solidarity ties between the students of the Schools, through cooperation relationship with diverse institutions.

AEIPCA represents the all (day and night) students and defend their interests. In this way, the Association becomes a privileged intervention mean and expression of opinions, ideas and criticism that sustain the evolution process of the institution.

According to AEIPCA statutes, its main goals are:

  • Defend a democratic polytechnic institute, inserted in the local community;
  • Organize, defend and represent the students of Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave;
  • Promote physical and cultural education of the students, with a link between the institution and economic, social and political reality;
  • Contribute to improve study conditions, through services rendering;
  • Cooperate with other national and international students unions that have similar principles.

AEIPCA takes part in the Portuguese Federation of Students Associations of the Polytechnic Higher Education, in order to gather efforts to defend related interests of the Associations.

The Students Association manages its own budget and is yearly sponsored by the Portuguese Youth Institute, the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave and by the Barcelos City Council.