Quality Office

The institutional commitment with quality is part of IPCAs Constitution, which provides the make-up, functioning and powers of the Council for Evaluation and Quality This Council is responsible for drawing up proposals for self-assessment arrangements of institutional performance, its organizational units and its technical, scientific and educational activities.

IPCA institutional strategy main goal towards quality has the relationship between the organizational mission, strategic goals and objectives to be achieved as the bottom line, and are therefore defined in the IPCAs Strategic Plan.

Considering the implementation of the institutional policy for Quality in December 2012, IPCA Quality Manual was approved, setting the Quality Policy and the Internal System Quality Assurance (SIGQa_IPCA).

Policy for Quality

IPCA definition and implementation of quality policy is based on a strong commitment, political and management, improving the quality of services, the promotion of good practices, creating a dynamic image and a governance model that raise performance levels.

Quality Policy

It is set as IPCA quality policy:

  1. Ensure the institutional improvement ongoing process, to achieve and sustain performance levels of excellence;
  2. Ensure accountability of the different actors and entities involved in quality management, by improving quality in different areas that fulfill the institutional mission;

iii. Create a structure responsible for quality management, either at the institution or in the organizational units in order to ensure the consistency of actions taken in terms of quality;

  1. Guarantee and ensure adequate conditions for the active participation of the academic community and other stakeholders in the analysis, discussion, reflection and debate on the performance achieved and the prospects for future improvement;
  2. Ensure the dissemination to the entire academic community and other stakeholders, information on politics, structures and processes to improve the quality of the IPCA; and
  3. Promote regular review and update SIGQa_IPCA, based on standards and benchmarks adopted at national and international level.

– Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGQa_IPCA)

The Internal Quality Assurance IPCA System plays a key role in defining and implementing the strategy and institutional policy for quality by setting the procedures and instruments for quality assurance, their monitoring and continuous improvement in all aspects of institutional mission.

In developing the SIGQa_IPCA the reference of the Assessment and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (A3ES) and the guidelines established by the legal framework and the standards and European guidelines for quality assurance were taken into consideration.

Quality Office

SIGQa_IPCA specific objectives are:

  1. Set the self-assessment process of study cycles, organic units and IPCA;
  2. Establish standards for gathering, storage, management and data use;

iii. Ensure the implementation of evaluation tools, gathering and analyse their results;

  1. Promote the implementation and monitoring of improvement actions;
  2. Ensure internal dissemination of analyzes and their conclusions and recommendations / improvement plans resulting from the evaluation processes;
  3. Promote regular review and update of the evaluation system of the institution.

For more information regarding the SIGQa_IPCA please access the Office page for the Evaluation and Quality.